• Weed Control and Herbicides

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    If you decide to use an herbicide to control weeds, be sure to select the appropriate product for your situation. There are hundreds of different herbicides on the market.

    Control tips:

    Be sure to read, research and follow all of the label instructions when mixing and using herbicides.

    Be sure the label clearly tells that the production can be used in the condition you want to use it.

    Remember, it won’t be better to use more. Do as the right application rate on the label.

    Many herbicides are selective, and just kill certain types of plants, but others are non-selective and kill almost any type of plant.

    Some herbicides kill weeds fast, others will take up one to two weeks time to kill.

    Some herbicides persist in plants and soils for long periods of time, while others only remain in plants or soil for a short time.

    The following list of resources is intended to provide an overview of weed control and herbicides. If you have specific questions about herbicides, or about any of the information provided below, feel free to contact Hailir. Please call +86 532 58659172.