• Pesticide market will continue to be high

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    Pesticide market will continue to be high



    1 market monitoring

    This week (August 21, 2018, the same week below) the raw and intermediate market continued off-season market, safety and environmental inspection, chemical parks and enterprises shut down high temperature overhaul or load reduction operation, low start-up rate situation remained unchanged. The overall market is running at a high level, the upstream is reluctant to sell, and the downstream enquiries are insipid. The high cost value chain of industrial chain is carried out from top to bottom. The scheme of staggered peak stopping and production restriction in heating season has been gradually put to the ground. All parties concerned about the start-up, supply and market changes brought about by the policy.

    This week, the crude oil market continued to adjust high and narrow shocks, bringing cost support to basic chemical raw materials, the performance of each sector within the week is different. Chlor-alkali chemical industry slightly up; phosphorus chemical industry downstream demand is weak, the overall weak consolidation; bromide smooth operation, good shipment; fluorine chemical industry slightly up, demand support. Limited downstream chemical sub industries start up rate to reduce the impact of weak demand, the overall narrow shock consolidation.

    2 Herbicide Market
    This week, glyphosate raw materials by the winter peak heating season suspension expected impact, low domestic inventory, foreign trade replenishment inventory cycle, glycine, acetic acid, paraformaldehyde high cost, manufacturers offer firm, the price of RMB275,000  / MT, the transaction center of gravity shift; glyphosate raw materials overall weak market demand, inventory increase Large, offer to RMB170,000 / MT, the actual order can be negotiated; Dicao Quick original medicine and preparation inventory is large, demand is weak, the price is stable at RMB45,000 / MT, low turnover.
    The amide herbicides are diluted for negotiation, enquiries are increased, orders are limited, and the overall market is stable. The price for acetochlor was RMB24,000 / MT, for isoprochlor was RMB26,000 / MT, for propachlor was RMB39,000 / MT and for butachlor was RMB25,000 / MT.
    Sulfonylurea herbicides due to upstream intermediates stopped production, resulting in shortage of supplies, low start-up rate, maintain high prices. The price of nicosulfuron-methyl is more than RMB270,000/MT, and the price of bensulfuron-methyl is more than RMB280,000/MT . The price of pyrimethuron-methyl is still tight and the market quotation is more thanRMB360,000/MT.The high price of resorcinol supply, so that the ethoxyfluorfen and nitrosulfurone raw drug cost support significantly high; quoted to RMB180,000 / MT and RMB230,000  / MT, respectively, the market digestion of the original inventory at the same time, the foreign trade market pull is the main reason for high market consolidation.
    The supply of isooctyl chlorofluoropyrrolidone acetate in the market is limited, the supply in the upstream is limited, the manufacturer parks more, the market just needs to replenish, and the market quotation is above RMB210,000  per MT. The intermediate of quinofop and hexamethrin is high, the export order is large, and the start-up is low. The price of quinofop and hexamethrin is above RMB210,000 per MT. High-performance intermediate of fluoropyrazole and hexamethoprim, main foreign trade orders, supply is tight, the market price RMB250,000/ MT.
    Fluorosulfamethoxazole intermediate is supported by high cost, good export and low start-up rate. The market quotation is RMB135,000  / MT. After the end of the domestic use of isopine, the export market continued to submit orders. The price of high content of isopine was more than RMB120,000 / MT, and the price of low content of isopine was kept at RMB85,000 / MT. The export of enoxanone has been greatly stimulated, and the supply of intermediates has been restricted. Enterprises have started low-load operation, and the supply of enoxanone is tight. The market quotation isRMB 185,000/MT.

    Affected by the shutdown of the park, the supply of herbicide continued to be tight, the manufacturer stopped, the original medicine rose to RMB120,000 / MT, water agent quoted RMB46,000/ MT. The inventory of Phenylthiocarbamide is low. Affected by park parking, the effective production capacity can not be released. The intention of downstream dilute storage is strengthened. The manufacturer is cautious in taking orders. The market price is raised to RMB70,000 /MT. Cyhalofluoromethane ester was restricted by the park in Lianyungang Park, the start-up rate was down, the market price rebounded to more than RMB240,000 / MT, intermediates continued to be high, tension continued.
    Pentaerythrin manufacturer parking overhaul, the willingness to accept orders is not strong, cost up, the price maintained at RMB52,000 / MT. The low opening rate of the two grass ether raw materials, entering the peak season, the intermediate high support, quoted to RMB390 thousand / MT.
    Cyanuric chloride, the intermediate of atrazine, was stabilized and consolidated. The market was close to light storage. Within a week, the delivery was general and wait-and-see was dominant. The market quotation was RMB23,000 / MT.

    3 pesticide market
    This week, the supply of Avermectin series of raw materials is tight, high stability, low start-up, Avermectin concentrate powder price RMB730,000  / MT, Avermectin benzoate (Avermectin salt, the same below) original drug price RMB128,000  / MT.
    Nicotine insecticides intermediates CCMP, cyanoethyl ester, imidazolidine high support, market replenishment is low, the overall price is firm. The quotation of imidacloprid and acetamiprid was RMB185,000 / MT andRMB185,000 / MT respectively, and the starting rate of nitenpyramide was reduced to RMB280,000 / MT. The cost of thiamethoxam and thiamethoxamide was obviously supported, the price of CCMT and nitroguanidine was high, the limited safety and environmental protection inspection and the limited film sounded, and the starting rate of the factory was low. Supply is tight, the offer is raised toRMB 125 thousand / MT and RMB170 thousand  / MT. The production cost of the plant was increased, the inventory was low, and the price was reported to be RMB170 thousand /MT.

    Affected by the environmental protection renovation in the main production area of phosphorus chemical industry, phosphorus pentasulfide remained at a high level, providing cost support for the products of organic phosphorus series raw materials, with a low starting rate and a tense market as a whole. The price of malathion is quoted at RMB26 thousand  / MT. Driven by foreign trade and supported by high cost, the supply of sodium alcohol in the upstream is hindered, and the downstream operation rate is reduced. The price of chlorpyrifos raw material rebounded to RMB50,000 /MT, phoxim raw material quoted RMB46,000 / MT, the stock of propyl bromide raw material in the market is low, bromine is high, and the price rose to RMB70,000 /MT.
    Pyrethroids, upstream cardiac acid methyl ester, ether aldehyde supply tension, persistent high, Kung Fu acid, biphenyl alcohol supply tension, inadequate starting rate, prices continue to rise, cost support is unusually obvious, manufacturers offer firm orders cautious, barycenter slightly up. The price of beta-cyhalothrin is over RMB300,000 / MT, the mother liquor of beta-cypermethrin is RMB50,000/ MT the original cypermethrin is up to RMB130,000 / MT, the original bifenthrin is over RMB400,000 / MT, and the original fenvalerate is up to RMB105,000 /MT. High prices are expected to continue in the short term.

    Influenced by the cut-off of the intermediate 2,6-difluorobenzamide, the price of the intermediate broke through the historical high point and the factory's operating rate was extremely low. The spot supply of the downstream products, such as acetamide, lice mite urea, fluorobell urea and fluoropyrimidine urea, was too tight to ease in the short term. The prices were reported to RMB420,000 /MT, RMB450,000 /MT and RMB380,000/MT, respectively. RMB480 thousand / MT. Intermediates are expected to remain tense in the short term, and the contradiction between supply of raw drugs can not be alleviated in the short term.

    The stock of spironolactone was low and the quotation was RMB150,000/MT; the supply of acarin was reduced, the starting rate was low, and the spot quotation was more than RMB320,000/MT; the manufacturer of fipronil was less, the export list was more, the supply of spironolactone remained tight, and the market quotation was RMB670,000/MT; the quotation of acetylene acarin was stable at RMB43,000/MT; the price of pyridaben was stable. The stock is low, and the market price is 97 thousand yuan / ton. The operation rate of benzidine hydrazine was low, factory inventory was low, export orders increased, and the price was RMB460 thousand / MT.

    4 disinfectant Market

    Three, the starting rate of the azole drugs is low, the supply of P - chlorophenol is tight and the cost is obvious. Difenoconazole raw drug supply pressure, supply pressure, quotation of more than RMB245,000 /MT, propiconazole raw drug limited inventory, price stability in RMB135,000 /MT, hexazole raw drug manufacturers concentrated, low start-up rate, supply constraints, market quotation of RMB170,000 / MT; Pentazole raw drug inventory low, low factory start-up rate, the market The quotation is RMB135,000/ MT, the supply of Tricyclazole is tight, the intermediate is out of stock, and the price is RMB85,000 /MT. The main manufacturer of fluorocyclazole is to submit export orders with a low starting rate, and the price of domestic circulating commodities is reported to be above RMB 670,000 per MT. The intermediate of fluosilazole raw material is out of stock, and the production enterprises stop and repair. The spot has reached RMB 400 thousand / MT.

    Prices of the restricted intermediates for pyrazole ether ester crude drugs have risen, parking and maintenance enterprises have increased, enterprises have been cautious in taking orders, and prices have rebounded to RMB230,000 /MT. The benzoxazolone intermediate of azoxime intermediate is still tense, and the price is maintained at RMB350 thousand / MT. The product is less than the original manufacturer, low inventory, tight supply, quote to RMB320 thousand / MT. The production capacity of oxime ester is limited, the number of parking repair enterprises is increased, and the price rebounds to RMB520 thousand / MT.

    The price of Carbendazim and thiophanate methyl was stable at RMB38,000  / MT and RMB33,000  / MT due to the pressure of environmental protection inspection in Ningxia. The supply of Carbendazim and thiophanate methyl remained tight. Restricted manufacturers of enomorpholine have low start-up rate, low inventory, and the market quotation has risen to more than RMB130,000 / MT. The production capacity of the original thifuramide has not been limited, the restricted Park parking, the supply of intermediates is hindered, the supply of goods is tight, the market quoted RMB 340,000 / MT.
    Inventory of isomycarbazide and acetaminophen is low, manufacturers stop, supply is tight, export documents are mainly, respectively, RMB165,000 / MT, RMB130,000 /MT, Mingling less original drug manufacturers, quoted RMB165,000 / MT; Metalaxyl intermediate is tense, quoted RMB130,000 / MT; Prochloraz low starting rate, market shortage The export price rose to more than RMB140 thousand per MT.
    The supply and start-up rate of intermediate with limited fluoropyrimidine was low, the downstream demand was released, and the market gap was large, rising to more than RMB300,000 per MT. Cyclofenazole high-temperature shutdown overhaul increased, the market digestion of the original stock-based, weak demand downstream, did not substantially release, the price maintained at RMB760,000/ MT.

    5 intermediates Market
    High volatility consolidation in the international crude oil market has brought cost support to basic raw materials and chemical and electronic industries, such as triphenyl, propylene series, phenol ketone, acrylonitrile, acetonitrile market volatility consolidation, downstream chemical market start-up rate decreased, supply and demand game. The polarization of the chlor-alkali market continued, the high price of liquid alkali was slackened; the bromine price was kept at RMB295,000 / MT quotation, the stock was low, and the shipment was good; the demand in the lower reaches of phosphorus chemical industry was weak, and the price of yellow phosphorus was quoted at RMB145,000 /MT, which was negotiable; the high level of phosphorus pentasulfide supported, the ethyl chloride was still high, and the supply was high. Eased, the offer isRMB 27 thousand  / MT. Fluorine chemical market week stable. Ether aldehyde, methyl cardiac acid ester, 2-chloro-5-chloromethylpyridine remained high, ether aldehyde quoted

     RMB80,000 / MT; methyl cardiac acid ester quoted RMB75,000 / MT, supply is tight, CCMP quoted up to RMB145,000 / MT, CCMT supply is tight, quoted RMB60,000  / MT; Kungfu acid, biphenyl alcohol, cypermethrin chloride Market shortage, high prices, supply Short-term bad relief, Kungfu acid quoted more than RMB280,000 / MT; imidazolidine, cyanoethyl ester, diazine restricted environmental safety inspection, low inventory, supply is tight; diazine quoted RMB50,000 / MT.

    6 Conclusion
    Safety and environmental protection inspection still affects the development of industry standards nerve, winter peak production will produce a new test of industry supply. Game between upstream and downstream, cost conduction, value distribution in each link of the industrial chain, and survival of the fittest under the new normal of safety and environmental protection are particularly important. In the off-season of traditional chemical industry, low start-up rate, supply contradictions continue to be prominent, and the overall market of crude drugs and intermediates is expected to continue high consolidation.