• Qingdao municipal Party Committee Secretary General Zhu Hua and his party visited the company.

    release date:2018/9/4 8:30:25 Views:305

    On August 24, Zhu Hua, the Standing Committee of Qingdao Municipal Party Committee and Secretary-General of Qingdao Municipal Party Committee, accompanied by Yu Dongquan, Vice-District Director of Chengyang District of Qingdao City, visited and investigated the group. Ge Yaolun, group chairmanPresident Ge Jiacheng at the group headquarters, warmly welcomed Zhu Hua and hold a symposium.


    During the forum, Zhu Hua and his delegation listened to the report on the development of the group and the future development plan. Ge Yaolun said that Hailir, while moving forward, attaches great importance to talent echelon building and corporate culture publicity, shaping the core of enterprise development. In the process of technical service transformation, the strategic positioning of Hailir's agricultural whole industry chain professional service platform is effectively combined with the national strategy, and a professional team that truly serves the farmers is created, which promotes the strategy of serving the Rural Revitalization in the landing of enterprises. Ge Jiacheng said that Hailir will step into the field of bio-pharmaceuticals in the future, broaden the scope of enterprise innovation, through talent gathering to help enterprises more efficient development.


    Zhu expressed full recognition of the achievements made by the group. He said that Hailir is an innovative enterprise with high professional and technical level. It should adhere to the guidance of pesticide research and development, increase the strength of talent introduction, integrate resources, overcome difficulties and make better contributions to social and economic development.