• The flood is ruthless, The HAILIR are in action.

    release date:2018/9/7 15:08:39 Views:286

    In this affected by the typhoon “Wenbia” No. 18 and its weakened urban circulation, Weifang City experienced heavy rains, Shouguang City has suffered the most serious disasters, flooded farmland, crops fell, and greenhouse vegetables were seriously damaged. In some areas, power was interrupted, roads and bridges were destroyed, houses collapsed, production and daily necessities were washed away by the floods ruthlessly, and tens of thousands of people were left homeless. In the affected area the economic and social development and the production and life of the people were seriously affected, and the losses were huge.

    On August 27th, Shandong Hailir Chemical Co., Ltd. actively responded to the Love Development Initiative of the Coastal Development Zone on carrying out flood-fighting and disaster relief fundraising, contacted the disaster relief center, and immediately understood the urgently needed materials in the disaster area, and immediately prepared disaster relief materials such as flour, rice and edible oil. Use the noon break to buy supplies and deploy vehicles.

    In the afternoon, Lin Baochang, the assistant of general manager of Shandong Hailir Chemical Co., Ltd, led the company's volunteers to drive more than ten kilometers. He took the Hailir's concern for the people in the disaster area and went to Shouguang City Tianliu Food Management Institute to dedicate the responsibility and care of the company. On this road of love and warmth, the Hailir has great love and share everything with the people in the disaster area. This reflects the love and charity of the Hailir people who actively practice corporate social responsibility. It is full of the care of the Hailir people in the disaster-stricken towns and the hope of the victims of the disaster to restore happiness and quiet life as soon as possible! Pray for our charity, social and social Great love, together into a warm stream, inspiring the affected people to overcome the floods and rebuild their confidence and determination.