• Not every wild lily has spring

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    "Even if you miss the fresh Narcissus blooming in the water, don't forget the lonely corner of the valley, wild lily in the spring......" In this era of rampant haze, I can sing a Luo "wild lily also spring" tune, walking in a slump in the prices of agricultural products but farmers must also farming fields, watching the apples sold not to into two, corn Tun in the yard, banana ten dollars eight pounds, looked at cherry tomatoes on a shelf not picking a its own downfall..
    In today in order to price war, the reality of the pesticide industry let us just in the corner of the price war of dirty alive, pesticide enterprises appear many price, all the chips; agricultural dealers more strategic single product loss; this is the tactics of business competition, not the nature of the business. In the price war struggle, the has been exposed to the two cases to do with everyone to share:
    A pesticide companies to do a friend Consulting: Ma said, "today is very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is very good, a lot of people died in tomorrow night", and now want to survive. In order to survive, in order to support better day after tomorrow, plans the product prices are down 15%, through the enterprise better troops and simpler administration compression personnel costs digestion due to decline in product prices lead to profits. I replied that you will fall down tomorrow, not to say the day after tomorrow. First, you cut the price of 15% of the price of the terminal has no impact on the price? The answer is not to have an impact, because the channel is king and the demands of the channel will not change the profit, you can become a tactic of price reduction channel competition, but not the core appeal of pesticide distribution channels. Dealers are more concerned about how much they can expand the number of retailers to sell their products, and they are the most clear thing is their own to the retailer's goods to the retailer's goods can earn much money. In pesticide dealers also no growth as the main body of the super service time, your price cut is tantamount to drinking poison to quench thirst, encourage dealers to your product quality reduce dealers and the uncertain future blind competition tactics of implementation. Second, as a production enterprise, your overall sales volume of less than fifty million, your product is 15% to reduce the price to sell out of it? If you have billions of dollars, because the price of your product with the mainstream brand price by 20%. If only the price lever to be able to work, the corporate brand may have been bigger. My point of view for his enterprise survival seems to have no meaning, then I heard that he had a large price adjustment strategy, which is open to the wild lily, I do not know if there is no spring.
    A pesticide distribution of friends to chat, want to take out two mainstream tonnage products price competition, according to the purchase price of a loss of 10% of sales, used to combat other dealers and attract retailers to close themselves. At the same time, the hands of a many other dealers do not have the products, and price of 100% of sales to make up for the loss of two product at a loss. Listening is a good way to analyze carefully and we'll see the other side. First, you lose the product sales will greatly expand, leading to your purchase of losses and operating loss of double the amount of loss, and the so-called unique products only in the place where you are unique, out of 100 kilometers to get the price is from here you got the price of 50%, on the Internet so developed information so transparent. Retailers how to think, to move closer to you or betray you. Second, a year after the loss of products can not raise prices? If price ten dollars retailers do not purchase, because the price of your product itself is not likely to be the lowest, only lower no minimum; large tonnage products are manufacturers and you go through a lot of promote the formation of the, eventually because retailers do not and you do not have profits lead to the disappearance of the product, manufacturers promise?? Third, at the national strategic level, agriculture is talking about feelings, farmers talk about the harvest, which is why the government document is a document and agricultural related. Long-term development of agricultural management is based on feelings of agricultural income of farmers of Agricultural Service Association, is definitely not a mercenary agricultural business businessman.
    This is not really the beginning of the 2016, we will use the price competition, because we have no other ability. If the pesticide enterprises to do the same as the ninety's white appliances, I do a TV only earn 30 dollars, you and I still fight? If at competitive prices to the demands of expansion and dry out and die to act with responsibility, not the national leading agricultural reduction of grain yield, agricultural services do agricultural industrial chain led the peasants to increase income as the theme, if to fudge farmers to make money or earn HeiXinQian method can not do this line, 3100 tons of foliar fertilizer and 310 tons of foliar fertilizer we all know what is the difference, sound legal system will let do not abide by the rules were to go bankrupt.